John Barrowman had emergency dental surgery on Wednesday (18.11.20).

John Barrowman

John Barrowman

The 'Torchwood' actor was struck down with an emergency abscess and had to be operated on by an oral surgeon, causing him lots of "panic and stress".

He wrote: "I had an emergency with my bloody mouth yesterday (again)."Emergency abscess removed. All between 3ish and 6pm. Lots of panic and stress on my end and it was just a bit of a s*** day. Jb (sic)"

Before adding in a lengthier video to explain in more detail on his social media account, he said: "So yesterday was a bit of a day. Everything was fine until about three in the afternoon when I experienced pain in my jaw here. I went to the dentist and got it x-rayed and immediately, they sent me to the oral surgeon and I was put in a chair and they did a big root canal dig out on one of my teeth. I was there until about six o'clock in the evening. 

"I kind of lost track of everything. My blood pressure spiked because of it and I got that checked ... I feel very woozy today and I'm a little bit sore."

Back in 2017, John had his appendix removed in emergency surgery.

He said at the time about his operation: "I feel like I have been hit by a car. I’m just sore all over and my voice is sore because of the tube going down my throat.

"The staff in the surgery knew who I was, they were fans which was kind of funny. I was just lucky my appendix didn’t burst, they caught it in time. I was in a lot of agony yesterday. I knew something was up, I felt really bad."

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