John Boyega will "forever love" Michael K. Williams.

John Boyega appears in Breaking with Michael K. Williams

John Boyega appears in Breaking with Michael K. Williams

The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' actor made a request for the late 'Wire' star - who died from an accidental drugs overdose last September - to star alongside him in 'Breaking' and will always be grateful his friend accepted "peanuts" for the role in the project.

Speaking after the release of a new trailer for the film, John said of working with Michael: "Incredible. To see the trailer today brought back all those emotions and feelings and just being on set with him.

"I actually requested him to be in this movie, and he came through. Got paid peanuts just to be a part of the art, so we'll forever love you, brother."

The movie sees John portray Brian Brown-Easley, a desperate veteran who, finding himself on the brink of homelessness after his disability payments are withheld, walks into a bank and claims to have a bomb.

The 30-year-old actor hailed the movie "incredible" and admitted he relished the chance to show "a little range" when it comes to his acting.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "'Breaking' is going to be an incredible movie. Starring in this movie alongside Michael K. Williams and Nicole Beharie has been a blessing to me. And I'm getting ready to show you lot a little range, show you lot a little somethin' somethin,' you know what I mean?"

Meanwhile, after spending a lot of time in the US for his career, the London-born star has developed a passion for basketball.

He said: "I've obviously been a fan of football, a.k.a. soccer, for a long time, but basketball has found my love.

"My best friend is an L.A. native, huge fan of the Lakers. Lakers were the first game I saw. I actually saw it on the first Force Awakens trailer dropping, that's when I was at a Laker game, so I'm like, 'Let me get into a little bit more.'"