'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville upset the odds to defeat WWE superstar Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 38.

Johnny Knoxville claimed an unlikely victory (c) WWE

Johnny Knoxville claimed an unlikely victory (c) WWE

The 51-year-old stunt performer pulled off an improbable victory against his bitter rival after getting some much-needed help from two of his friends.

Sami - the former intercontinental champion - dominated Johnny for most of the match and appeared to be on course for an easy win.

But the tables turned when Chris Pontius, aka Party Boy, and Wee Man entered the fray.

Chris, 47, emerged from seemingly nowhere and then stripped down to his Speedos, before he started to dance on the WWE superstar.

Although Sami eventually took his revenge on Chris, Wee Man then appeared from underneath the ring and he started to attack the former champion.

The 'anything goes' match turned into a two-on-one scenario, and Wee Man stole the show by launching himself at Sami from the top rope and sending him through a table.

The move gave the stunt stars the upper hand for the first time and Johnny - who was making his WWE debut in a singles match - sealed victory with a 'Jackass'-inspired finish.

The TV star put Sami inside a life-size mouse trap and then pinned him for the one-two-three count.

Johnny and Sami exchanged insults for weeks before their action-packed match in Arlington, Texas.

The 37-year-old superstar admitted he never understood the appeal of 'Jackass' and why it became such a huge success.

He recently said: "I was actually never a fan. I knew it was obviously very popular, and I think now that I’m working with Johnny Knoxville I’m realising a lot more how popular it actually was.

"I was just so consumed by wrestling at that age, that I kinda never took to it. If I’m being honest, I think I kinda missed the point of Jackass when I was younger."

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