Jonas Blue wants his music to help people "forget their stresses".

Jonas Blue

Jonas Blue

The 28-year-old DJ - whose full name is Guy James Robin - think sit is a "shame" some nightclubs are closing down as he finds the minuet he steps into a lively venue it is a "whole new world" for him, which is also the effect he wants his songs to have on people.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he said: "It's a shame to see the nightclubs closing down.

"When you step into a club it takes you into a whole new world, and I want it to be the same for my music, to help people forget their stresses and worries."

And the 'Mama' hitmaker thinks it would be "terrible" if the Ministry of Sound was ever to shut down because it is one of the venues he regularly performs at.

The star said: "I've been performing at Ministry of Sound the last couple of years now and if that club ever went it would be terrible."

Meanwhile, Jonas Blue is set for a busy year ahead as he is reportedly being eyed up to pen the song for this year's 'X Factor' winner.

This news comes after the star teamed up with the talent show's 2015 champion Louisa Johnson on her next single, the title which is yet to be announced.

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