Josh Peck has blasted Amy Schumer for her criticism of Joy Koy’s Golden Globes monologue.

Josh Peck blasts Amy Schumer's Joy Koy criticism

Josh Peck blasts Amy Schumer's Joy Koy criticism

While Koy's presenting was widely derided after he blamed his writers for his jokes failing to land, Peck believes there is a "brotherhood and sisterhood" for comedians and hit out at Schumer for "throwing him under the bus".

Speaking on the 'Good Guys' podcast, Josh, 27, said: "I took issue with Amy Schumer who recently was on the Dear Media podcast. She was asked about Jo Koy. I feel defensive of comedians. It’s a brotherhood, it’s a sisterhood. And she basically was critical of Jo Koy. She was throwing him under the bus, which was [unfair] because she’s a comedian. It’s like, we all know he had a tough night. Why continue to go after him a month later?”

Josh also shared an insight from his comedian friend Yannis Pappas.

Josh explained: “[He said], ‘The jokes were fine he just wasn’t confident because it was such an intimidating room and they weren’t giving him love. He was undeserving of all the [backlash].”

However, Josh's co-host Ben Soffer was unimpressed with Joy blaming his writers.

He said: "If you’re bombing, you don’t need to tell us that you’re bombing because your writers suck. He threw them under the bus.”

Amy, 42, who hosted the 2022 Oscars, said Joy, 52, got a “lesson handed to him".

Speaking on the 'Not Skinny But Not Fat' podcast, she said: "If [the audience doesn’t] laugh, then it’s a problem. The thing with Jo … he threw his writers under the bus and that was not a good look. If I’m going to say a joke about anyone … I’m going to clear it. Like, I cleared [my jokes] to Leonardo DiCaprio. I cleared it with these people. Because I don’t want to make that mistake."