Julianne Hough would "love" to be in the stage version of 'Burlesque'.

Julianne Hough  would like to be in the stage version of Burlesque

Julianne Hough would like to be in the stage version of Burlesque

The 35-year-old actress played the role of Georgia in the 2010 film - which stars Christina Aguilera as a wannabe singer alongside Cher as a nightclub manager - and following the news that a stage adaptation of the film is on the way has noted it would be a "full circle moment" for her to take part, just like how she started off as a professional on 'Dancing With the Stars' before becoming a judge on the ABC competition.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Can you imagine? Full circle 'Dancing With the Stars', full circle 'Burlesque', I mean. That musical, first of all, such a classic. People love that show and it needs to be on stage. Who knows, I mean, be there, be in it, whatever! Heck yeah, [I'd do it!]. Why not? I'd love it!"

Just days ago, it was confirmed that a stage adaptation of the musical film - which features numbers such as 'But I Am a Good Girl','You Haven't Seen the Last of Me' and 'Show Me How You Burlesque - was heading to the stage, and it s expected to premiere in the UK.

Director Steven Antin told Entertainment Weekly: "Yes the stage musical adaptation is happening. Very exciting!"

Robin Antin, Steven's choreographer sister, also hinted that about the upcoming musical as she posed alongside a 'Burlesque' poster and teased her followers about the "beautiful new venture" she had embarked on.

She wrote: "This journey w my brother @stevenantin has been the most unforgettable experience… working together 24/7 on this beautiful new venture, (to be announced soon) is exactly what our Mum always wanted for us! And now here we are in her home, #LONDON , so sad she's not here to witness her dream, but we are doing it all for her, for YOU BRENDA!"