Justin Theroux refuses to wear shorts.

Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux

The 'Leftovers' star much prefers to wear jeans and boots rather than bare his skin in shorts and flip-flops.

Speaking about his style, he said: "The one thing that is unchangeable is I refuse to wear shorts.

"I just don't think it's a good look on anybody. It's the same with flip-flops. I don't think anyone should wear those things unless they're in rehab, in hospital or on a beach. I just prefer jeans and boots."

The 45-year-old actor has an enviable physique and credits that to being able to work out anywhere.

He added: "The beauty of workouts now is that you really just need some rubber bands and a kettlebell and you can set up anywhere ...

"You have to come in to filming in the best shape you can because as the hours and weeks grind on you, you find yourself not having the luxury of going to the gym and doing the big workouts you like to do."

And Justin also praised his wife Jennifer Aniston for the passionate essay she penned about sexism and body image in Hollywood.

He told the November issue of Men's Health magazine: "I was very proud of what she wrote. It was a rare insight into how disgusting all that is.

"At some point it becomes bullying. It sucks when people aim cameras at your stomach on some bizarre womb watch. But more to the point, it's equally damaging to the national conversation."