Kaley Cuoco is "meant to have children" with husband Karl Cook.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

The 'Big Bang Theory' star - who was previously married to Ryan Sweeting - tied the knot with her man in June, and she has revealed while she wants to raise a family one day she doesn't feel it's the right time just yet.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I'm definitely - I'm not there yet. I'm not quite there yet but I know that I will be 'cause I love kids.

"But I'm a worker bee right now - kind of my career is my focus and my husband. But, we love kids and we love animals so we're meant to have children."

Despite her baby comments, last year Kaley, 32, admitted she was feeling broody after attending the launch of Haylie Duff's children's collection - Little Moon Society -and seeing all the kids clothes.

She said at the time: "Is it weird that I want to wear these clothes? Is that weird? In the largest size possible?

"It does give you a little bit of baby fever! Everyone is so cute, everyone looks so adorable, hard not to."

She and Karl married over the summer, and as a huge animal lover she wanted them to feature in their wedding as much as possible.

However, her pet horse Smooshy nearly wrecked the big day after suffering from stage fright.

She previously said "Everything was fantastic. We had one hilarious hiccup. We have a lot of animals, so I wanted all of them to walk down the aisle. They all walked down the aisle, and Smooshy was the last one to walk down the aisle before me. We had rehearsed with her the day before ... and she walked right up [to the altar] ... and it was like, 'Oh my gosh, she owned it!' So then on the actual wedding day, we ended up putting a little sign around her neck that said, 'Here comes the bride,' and in her defence, she did not rehearse with this ...

"Then I'm like, 'What's going on?' because I can't really see, and it's become, like, this hush around the crowd because she [Smooshy] just stood there at the top of the aisle. But everyone had their cameras up and it ended up being one of the cutest moments of the day. Eventually she scooted on, but she really took her time with that!"