Kaley Cuoco is broody.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

The 'Big Bang Theory' star attended the launch of Haylie Duff's new children's collection, Little Moon Society, in Los Angeles over the weekend, and admits seeing all the kids' clothes gave her "baby fever".

She told Entertainment Tonight: "Is it weird that I want to wear these clothes? Is that weird? In the largest size possible?

"It does give you a little bit of baby fever! Everyone is so cute, everyone looks so adorable, hard not to."

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old actress previously gushed about her "horse guy" Karl Cook and their shared passion for animals.

She said: "I can't stop smiling. Life is so, so good. I finally found my horse guy. It was very meant to be," she added of Cook. He's an amazing rider, amazing equestrian and a great human. We shared a passion for horses and dogs ... It's been lovely."

And Kaley doesn't think her relationship with Karl would be so strong if they didn't share a passion for her four-legged equine friends.

She said: "When you share something so special, some sort of connection - for us, it's horses, but anything two people share - you have that common goal and you know that you want the same things in life, day to day, and in the future.

"It just sets you on a better path. Having a lot in common is really important and we definitely have a lot in common. I think that that's what makes us so strong and really happy."

And Kaley admits it was her horse who got her through her divorce from ex-husband Ryan Sweeting in

September 2015.

She said: "For a month straight I would talk to my horse and just bawl. Finally I went out and the crying didn't come. I was like 'I think I actually got through this ...

"I've cried numerous times in yoga. The best part is I'm sweating so bad no one can tell. It's so dark, you can cry in [SoulCycle class] too. Everyone's going through stuff in their lives, every single person."