Karl Lagerfeld turned down a cameo in 'Zoolander 2'.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

The Chanel designer is the only major celebrity that the movie's writer, director and star Ben Stiller wanted but could not get for the comedy sequel and hopes he will take part if they make a third.

Ben told Us Vogue: "We didn't get Karl Lagerfeld. I would have liked to get Karl. I came close. He's iconic. It breaks my heart. Maybe if we ever do another..."

Meanwhile, Ben's co-star Penelope Cruz admitted that taking direction from him while he was dressed in character as the male model was a strange experience.

She said: "He'd talk to me really seriously, dressed in these absurd outfits, and that hair. I couldn't stop laughing in his face."

Penelope also revealed she said yes to starring in the movie as soon as she was asked.

She explained: "I'm one of those people who's seen the first 'Zoolander' four or five times. I've done comedy in Spain, in my own language, but I've always said I want to do more comedies in English. I do all these intense dramas, and all my characters are always suffering. For many reasons I need to once in a while do a crazy comedy. I said to Ben, 'Count on me.'"