Kate Winslet claims the female attention Idris Elba receives is a "nightmare".

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba

The 42-year-old actress completely understands why women are attracted to her 'Mountain Between Us' co-star, but joked it can be frustrating.

Asked about the way he turns heads, she said: "It's a nightmare. It is actually a nightmare, you need to know that, it's the thing. [Women melt].

"It's his soft brown eyes, his beautiful skin, his pillow lips... The list goes on."

And Idris, 45, admitted her praise had made him nervous.

In a joint interview with 'Extra', he quipped: "I'm sweating, my hands are sweating, I don't know what to say about that."

The two stars got to know each other very well thanks to the extreme and isolated conditions of their new movie, and while they'd been keen to work together for some time, Idris revealed they initially had a very different idea in mind for a joint project.

He said: "We hadn't worked together but we knew each other. We gave an award [at the BAFTAs] together a couple of years ago.

"I remember saying to Kate, 'We should work together, do a comedy.' She was like, 'Yeah, great idea.' Cut to us on a mountain, like [freezing]."

Kate recently admitted it was "really scary" shooting the plane crash survival movie in temperatures of -38 deg C in the Canadian Rockies.

She said: "Normally on a film, there's a group of people who keep their eyes on the actors and make sure they have everything they need, but this was very much a case of every man for themselves, which was good.

"I'm like that anyway. If I'm going up a mountain, I want to make sure I've got a head torch and enough hot packs and food for the day, so I'd pack my rucksack of goodies to make sure I had what I needed - and a few extra teabags to boot - if bad weather set in and we were stuck up there.

"That sad, it was really f***ing scary. It was very remote up there."