Katie Price refuses to listen to people who call her "old and haggard".

Katie Price refuses to listen to those who call her old

Katie Price refuses to listen to those who call her old

The 45-year-old glamour model - who shot to fame as a teenager in the late 1990s under the pseudonym of Jordan - was presenting an episode of her self-titled podcast when a listener wrote in to explain that her colleagues had made her feel like a "dinosaur" because she is one of the oldest there and Katie revealed that the same had happened to her but is still thinks her longevity means that she is still "better" than others in the industry.

She said: "Right, I'm a fine example of feeling old. I'm 46 in May and basically, I have to compete with people in their twenties because there's not many people my age who do what I do who also do what the 20-year-olds do. So I get what it is, and I just think I'm wiser, more experienced and I can do the job better. To be honest, a lot of people don't really...they give me c*** for it really. They say I'm old and haggard and stuff but I know I look better than some of the people that are saying it.

The Page 3 legend - who continues to pose for risque photos on her OnlyFans page - reminded the listener that differences between generations are inevitable but reaffirmed that she still has confidence in herself because she will be able to "wipe the floor" with anyone up-and-coming in the modelling industry.

She said: "With the twenties now, it's a different way of what it was when we were younger with social media platforms, this and that, the way people talk and their lingo. But you can't help that, it is what it is and you've still got the job so I wouldn't worry about it. Let them call you a dinosaur! Ageist, discrimination. It's like me in photoshoots,

"I know you can put me with any 20-year-old and I know that I will wipe the [floor] with them because I've been there, done it and I'm bloody good at it. Bring it on!"

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