Katy B finds it "annoying" that people spend their lives on social media.

Katy B

Katy B

The 26-year-old singer is not a fan of the Internet obsessed age we live in and is often dismayed by her own social media habits because she feels under pressure to keep people informed of what she's doing as people expect to be in-the-know "instantly".

Asked what riles her up, she said: "You know what I think is really annoying? That everything is online now. I feel sometimes it's my job to live my life online rather than my real life. It's important as well though, I think ... People are looking for news, instantly."

The 'Turn the Music Louder' hitmaker joked that she wishes she was living in the 1960s when people didn't have to worry about Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and the need to keep an online persona running.

She quipped: "There's no 'do it later'. I feel jealous of people from the 60s; they were just living their 20s not having to worry about that stuff."

Katy - who is gearing up to release her new album 'Honey' on Friday (22.04.16) - likes to unwind and escape the screen of her phone and computer by doing yoga.

Asked if she's been able to find a balance between work and a private life, she told Stylist magazine: "Yes definitely. I used to feel guilty not working. But now I've realised that being able to not use my voice, recording all day, getting to the point where you can't do your job properly, you need to take a step back. I love yoga and I recently did a mediation class at the London Buddhist Centre - although I need to practice."

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