Kelly Brook "lost the plot" when she found out her ex-fiance went for lunch with his ex-wife.

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook

The 38-year-old former glamour model - who didn't name the ex-partner, but was engaged to Billy Zane years after after his failed marriage to Lisa Collins - has admitted she usually loses her cool when it comes to break ups and once went "crazy" when she found out her then-partner took his former flame out for a bite to eat.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (04.04.18), she said: "I have maybe thrown things in the past but I just think if you really love someone, how can you break up amicable? I've always been so devastated, maybe I'm just too passionate. We don't stay friends in the beginning because I feel like out of respect for my new partner, I just think it's wrong. I've had ex-boyfriends reach out and kind of be friendly like: 'Oh hi, how are you?' And I just think, 'Oh I'm not going to get sucked back into that.' Because I think it's disrespectful.

"I remember one time I was engaged and my fiance got home and I said, 'Oh what have you done today?' And he went, 'Oh my ex-wife was in town and we went for lunch.' So what did I do? Did I go, 'Oh that's lovely, what did you have?' Or did I go, 'What the hell?' I obviously lost the plot, didn't I. I went crazy and he called me immature and told me I'm really letting myself down and it just makes me more angry."

The brunette beauty is now in a relationship with Jeremy Parisi - whom she's been dating since 2015 - and is adamant the hunk would never disrespect her by speaking with an ex.

Kelly - who has also previously been engaged to Jason Statham and rugby player Thom Evans - explained: "When we got together, Jeremy and I, we don't really do the ex thing. It's just me and him and I have to say by doing that our relationship is probably the most successful relationships I have because we completely trust each other, we're with each other all the time. I don't think Jeremy even speaks to his ex-girlfriends. I've never even seen a picture of an ex-girlfriend. I don't think there was anyone before me."