Kerry Katona has been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Kerry Katona has been having stomach problems

Kerry Katona has been having stomach problems

The former Atomic Kitten singer was hospitalised last weekend after experiencing excruciating stomach pain and she's now admitted she had been having various symptoms of the digestive condition but had "put off" seeing a doctor because of her busy schedule.

She revealed in her column for new! magazine: "I was in hospital over the weekend, which wasn’t ideal. I’ve been having stomach problems and I initially thought the pain might have been something to do with the cyst in my ovary that I discovered last year.

"But it turned out it was IBS. My stomach swelled up and was hurting badly. It’s been happening a lot – and I get these horrible, eggy burps. My stomach looks so big, I could pass for regnant.

"It’s so painful at times – I feel like I want my belly to rip open. I’ve been so busy I put off going to the doctor – but the pain became unbearable, so I had to go to hospital.

"Thankfully, everything is fine. But staying in A E on a Friday night was an experience. It was scary, sad and traumatic.

"NHS nurses and doctors need a pay rise. The things they have to deal with is unbelievable and people take it for granted."

The 41-year-old star is planning to study her reactions to different foods in a bid to ease her symptoms.

She added: "I’ve now ordered some tests to find out what food reacts badly in my stomach and what I can’t eat."

Kerry - who is engaged to Ryan Mahoney and has six kids from previous relationships - first revealed on Instagram she had been taken to hospital.

Without going into detail, she said in an Instagram Live video: "I was in hospital at the weekend, I'm absolutely fine. It was my stomach - but it's all good, nothing to worry about."