Kerry Katona is going to go to therapy over her past.

Kerry Katona is going to go to therapy about her past

Kerry Katona is going to go to therapy about her past

The 42-year-old star has previously struggled with addiction and survived an abusive marriage explained that she has suffered panic attacks like never before in recent days and medics think it could be a form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Writing in her New! magazine column, she said: "I've not been feeling great this week - I've been having a lot of panic attacks. I've had them before but not like this. I feel like I can't breathe and then I have this emotional breakdown. I went to the doctor and they think it could be PTSD, related to something in my past. I'm going to go to therapy for it because, while I'm a strong person, I'm not ashamed to ask for help. No one should be and that's why I'd rather speak out about it. CBD gummies  and oils have also been a massive help with my panic attacks. I think we all forget to focus on ourselves sometimes and we really need to."

The former Atomic Kitten singer - Molly, 22, and 20-year-old Lilly-Sue with him but went on to have Heidi, 16, and Max, 15, with second husband Mark Croft and also has nine-year-old daughter DJ with the late George Kay - also spoke out against the new Online Safety Bill, noting that whilst the new legislation is "good" because it will protect children it could also lead to leakage of personal data.

She added: "Some celebs have been campaigning for the new online safety bill, which I think is good as kids do need protection when they are online.

I like to think I've taught my children right from wrong and how to be safe online and I'm very trusting, but I'm always checking DJ is being safe. You've got to read the fine print because while it's good to be censored, it can also mean giving away your data, which I don't like. "