Kerry Katona was in hospital due to stomach problems.

Kerry Katona has opened up on her hospital visit

Kerry Katona has opened up on her hospital visit

The 41-year-old star shared a photo of herself hooked up to a drip over the weekend as she admitted a hospital was "not really where I wanna be", and now she has elaborated on the reason for the visit.

Without going into detail, she said in an Instagram Live video: "I was in hospital at the weekend, I'm absolutely fine. It was my stomach - but it's all good, nothing to worry about."

The hospital visit comes after Kerry underwent breast reduction surgery earlier this month, and she let her followers know she was recovering "very well".

She had her former triple-D breasts reduced to a size C or D after having her implants removed.

In the video shared earlier this week, she gave her followers another update and promised she'd be showing off her bust soon.

She said: "I can't get over how amazing my boobies are! Just the healing process. They look so good."

Giving a shout out to the team at Pall Mall Cosmetics, she added: "I've still got time off work because I'm still recovering. I'm off for a nice lunch - with my new boobs - so I just want to send a shout out to Pall Mall."

The former Atomtic Kitten singer recently opened up about battling "some kind of eating disorder".

The star noted once she's fully healed from her surgery, she's preparing to check into a retreat to address her feelings of self-loathing and tackle her unhealthy relationship with food.

She said: "As soon as I’m healed from my operation, I’m going to Homefield Grange Retreat in Northampton. It’s all about mindfulness – meditation and yoga – and also healthy eating.

"It’s not hardcore bootcamp, but I just want to feel better about myself. I’m feeling really motivated because I’ve felt so s*** recently. I’ve been in tears over my relationship with food. I have real issues.

"For example, the other day I bought a kebab and I hid on my own and binged on it. I’ll eat food, and then I’ll feel like I want to be sick. I definitely have some kind of eating disorder."