Kerry Katona's mum Sue has suffered a heart attack.

Kerry Katona reveals mum Sue's health scare and asks for prayers

Kerry Katona reveals mum Sue's health scare and asks for prayers

The former Atomic Kitten star has reassured her followers her mother is "doing well" after she was admitted to the hospital on Thursday (21.04.22).

Updating fans in a video on Instagram, the 'Whole Again' singer captioned the clip: "my mum is doing well and is in the best place!! Gave us all a massive scare xxxxxx."

Kerry is currently completing a panto tour and said her fiancé Ryan Mahoney would take her kids to visit Sue.

She said: "Just letting you know for those who aren't aware, my mum suffered a heart attack on Thursday.

"She is in hospital as we speak, but she wanted me to let you know she is doing OK. She's in the best place for her.

"I'm in the middle of a tour at the moment so I can't even go and see her right now."

She added: "Big scare. Huge... huge scare and we're all a little bit shook up by it. But she's in hospital, she's in the right place and all the kids are going to see her today with Ryan [Kerry's fiance]."

Kerry, 41, has to complete her final shows of the run before she can see her parent for herself.

She added: "I've got two shows and then another two shows to do tomorrow. It's been great fun this panto but I can't wait to get home and see my mum."

Kerry - who has Molly, 20, Lilly-Sue, 19, 15-year-old Heidi, Max, 14, and eight-year-old DJ from previous relationships - signed off the post by asking for prayers for her mum.

She said: "Everyone say lots of prayers to keep her safe. And I will see you soon mum."

Sue previously suffered an angina attack in 2020 and has had several health scares over the years.

Two years ago, Kerry had to observe social distancing designed to slow the spread of coronavirus and was devastated she couldn't be with Sue, who didn't leave the house as she's in a high-risk category, particularly because she had been experiencing panic attacks in the wake of her heart scare.

Kerry said at the time: "My mum Sue is in the 'high risk' category when it comes to Covid-19 so she has to stay indoors for at least three months and is only allowed to open the window to get air.

"Of course she's scared and last week she had an angina attack. She's OK now, thank God, but it's left her having panic attacks and my heart breaks because I can't be with her."

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