Kesha believes being catapulted into the spotlight might have "short-circuited her brain".

Kesha says her sudden rise to fame 'affected her' in many ways

Kesha says her sudden rise to fame 'affected her' in many ways

The 36-year-old pop star shot to fame immediately after the release of her hit single 'Tik Tok' in 2009, in her early 20s, and decided to move back to Nashville from Los Angeles to be near her mom Pebe Sebert - who is a famous songwriter who penned a track for Dolly Parton - to "stay grounded" as she found the attention so intense.

Speaking on Michelle Visage's 'Rule Breakers' podcast, she said: "My mom kept me grounded. But I think it's unavoidable that that's weird. Yeah, like it's not normal. It's something I still am like, I wonder how that like short-circuited my brain because I was sure it affected me in a lot of ways that I'm both cognizant of and also subconscious of because it was just really weird."

However, she didn't stay in Nashville too long, as her mom kept walking into the house when she had male friends over.

She continued: "And it was also weird to have the first song you put out be really big. I don't know why that was so weird. But it just felt like so grateful but so strange.

"It was just like a bit of a shock. I had moved to LA but then after I played that Lollapalooza show, I was like, Okay, if this is the beginning of what it's about to be I'm gonna move back home and stay grounded. So then I moved back to Nashville, lived like a mile away from my mom."

She added: "And so that was nice, except for I was like, young and single and my mom would show up at my house at like, 6.30 in the morning. So I was like, 'Okay, Mom, this has to stop mom.'"

She quipped: "I have some guests. Male suitors."

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