Kieran Culkin's mother Patricia Brentrup is in poor health, his stepfather has revealed.

Kieran Culkin's mother is in poor health

Kieran Culkin's mother is in poor health

The 'Succession' actor - who brother is 'Home Alone' star Macaulay Culkin - teared up as he paid tribute to Patricia, 69, during an emotional acceptance speech for the actor in a drama series prize at the Emmy Awards earlier this week.

He said at the time: "I've got to switch to the personal really fast. I have to thank my mom for giving me life, my childhood which was great, so thank you for that."

Speaking to Page Six, stepfather Mart Cox told Page Six that Patricia couldn't attend Macaulay's Hollywood Star of Fame ceremony due to health struggles.

He said: "Patty was invited, and they wanted to fly her out, but she’s been having some hard times with her health."

Mart explained that she spent a "few months before the holidays" with Kieran at this home in Brooklyn, New York.

He added: "Kieran was looking after her and she was going to doctors in the city. All the kids have been very helpful, oh for sure. Just from Patty, they have a lot of love in them — she is an incredible woman.”

He noted that while he and the mum-of-seven are incredibly proud of Kieran, they love all their children - including two Mart has of his own - equally.

He said: "We certainly are proud of Kieran and we’re really happy life is just beginning for him. But we have nine kids and we love them all.

"None ever gets more love than the other. That’s how their mom raised them — although Kieran always thought he was the favorite!”

And despite being delighted to see Kieran's career soaring, they have only managed to catch a handful of episodes of 'Succession'.

He admitted: “I’m not big on TV. We never really watch TV … it’s not everything in our lives.”

Speaking to reporters backstage at the Emmys, Kieran paid tribute to his mother while referencing his estranged father Kit Culkin.

He said: "She’s just an absolutely wonderful woman who took on raising seven kids in a studio apartment, by herself.

"There was a guy there — he didn’t do anything."

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