Kim Kardashian West says the best thing about being famous is all the "free" stuff.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star was asked what she likes most about her celebrity status and quipped it was all the free things she gets given.

Responding to a question about her favourite thing, she joked: "The free s**t. No, the free trips. Free trips, free planes, free everything! I do love to share. When I get free stuff, I give it to literally everyone, family, friends."

However, she admitted there are drawbacks to her fame too.

Asked what she doesn't like about being known all around the world, she replied: "When I just look like s**t and want to go outside and eat a churro and not have anyone up my ass."

Despite joking that she loves the free things that come with her fame, Kim - who has North, four, Saint, two, and five-week-old Chicago with her husband Kanye West - insists material things don't make her "happy anymore".

Speaking at Create & Cultivate's Los Angeles conference, she shared: "Trips are usually what I do for gifts now. Material things don't make me happy anymore, but experiences do. For my birthday, my husband [Kanye West] took me away to Utah to this hotel for two days and we slept the entire time. I think that was so much fun, and everyone just mentally needs to take a break."

Meanwhile, a source previously revealed Kim is "determined to show" people that she can have it all.

They shared: "Kim is determined to show the public she can have it all - she can be a mum of three, do sexy shoots, work all the time and still work out. She's doing all of these photo shoots so she can look like a super-mom.

"Beyonce hardly took time off work after having the twins and was looking sexier than ever in shoots right away, and Kim wants to do the same. Everyone's telling her to slow down, especially as Kanye is away in Berlin, and she has nothing to prove. After all, every new mum takes time off. But Kim's determined to do it all."

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