Kim Kardashian West is thrilled Serena Williams has found her "prince" in Alexis Ohanian.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is so happy her pal has found her now-husband and says the tennis star has been "so happy and light" ever since the couple first set eyes on each other.

Speaking to Vogue magazine at the couple's nuptials, she said: "I've known Serena for so long and am so happy she's found her prince. From the moment she told me she met Alexis in Rome, it was like ... she's been so happy and has this light about her that is so special to see. You just know it is so real. He makes her so happy and that just makes her friends happy."

Serena and Alexis - who share two-month-old daughter Alexis Jr. - tied the knot in New Orleans on Thursday (16.11.17) in front of a number of stars including Beyonce and Eva Longoria and Alexis recently took to social media to post a gushing tribute to his wife.

He wrote on Instagram: "@serenawilliams: You are the greatest of all time, not just in sport--I'm talking about as a mother and as a wife. I am so excited to write so many more chapters of our fairy tale together. And my whole life I didn't even realize it, but I was waiting for this moment. And everything that I have done, everything that I am so proud of in my career, and in my life, for the last 34 years, pales in comparison to what we're doing today. And I am so grateful, and I am so in love. @melbarlowandco @allanzepedaphotography (sic)"

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