Kimberley Walsh "can't face" getting drunk any more.

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh

The 36-year-old singer used to relish her nights out when she was a member of girl group Girls Aloud, but has admitted she no longer parties as hard as she used to, as she hates being hungover around her two sons, three-year-old Bobby and 19-month-old Cole.

She said: "I wasn't wild. I've never gone through a phase of drugs. But I do have another side, and I did go out a lot in my 20s. People used to say: 'I love drunk Kimberley - she's different!' It's not like I was uptight and didn't know how to enjoy myself.

"Drunk Kimberley doesn't come out that much these days because I just can't face the feeling the next day with the kids. I reach a tipping point, and where I used to think: 'Get me more, get me more!' now I'm like: 'Is it worth it?' And no, it's not."

But the 'Love Machine' hitmaker joked she may go through a "midlife crisis" with her husband Justin Scott in the future where she'll "finally" go crazy.

She added: "Maybe Justin and I will go through a midlife crisis when we're 50 - like, go topless on a yacht somewhere and everyone will go: 'Oh, it took her a while but she's finally lost it!'"

Since Girls Aloud split in 2013 following a brief reunion after their three-year hiatus in 2009, Kimberley admits she no longer misses anything about her life in the chart-topping group.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, she said: "I feel like I don't even know what that is. Honestly, the way Bobby reacts to videos of Girls Aloud is exactly how I feel about them - like, what the hell is this and what are you doing?!

"It was 15 years of my life, but it's very far removed from now. When you've had two actual humans and got married, it feels like such a long time ago."

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