Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is not in any hurry to lose her baby weight.

The 33-year-old actress gave birth to daughter Lincoln in March and has tried not to worry about getting back to her pre-pregnancy figure.

She told Redbook magazine: "I refused to worry about something I could not change, and I still refuse. Look, I'm like any other woman. All this evolved BS that I'm telling you is my mantra: It's not something I practice naturally. I had to surrender to not worrying about the way I looked, how much I weighed, because that's just part of the journey of having a baby. I am not a woman whose self-worth comes from her dress size."

While the 'Veronica Mars' actress loves being a mother, she has no intention of giving up her career, even though there are days when she gets upset at being away from her daughter.

She said: "I still want a career. Lincoln will always be number one, but I think if you can cut that obsessiveness, then you can work and be a good mother and wife.

"I can't look at her pictures today, because it hurts my feelings. I start wondering what she's thinking, like 'Where's the girl with the blonde hair and the boobs?' "

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