Kristin Cavallari is convinced that she'll be reunited with her late brother one day.

Kristin Cavallari thinks she'll be reunited with her brother

Kristin Cavallari thinks she'll be reunited with her brother

The 37-year-old TV star lost her brother Michael in 2015, after he went missing for nearly two weeks in Utah - but Kristin has found effective ways of dealing with her grief over recent years.

She said on her 'Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari' podcast: "Grief is a wild thing and I actually feel like it is like a drug. And it's a roller coaster.

"It comes in waves, you know. You finally think you're okay and then it's like bam, it hits you again."

Michael passed away at the age of 30. But Kristin is convinced that she'll ultimately be reunited with her brother.

She shared: "I know that I'll see him again and that makes me really happy and it just gives me a lot of peace.

"I think my brother dying and me, like, really diving into the spirituality side of things has made me really comfortable with death and really comfortable with life and really comfortable with hard times because I just really think that we will all see each other again when we die. I really do."

Kristin has ultimately managed to find comfort through her belief in reincarnation.

The reality star said: "I think we have a soul tribe. So I think all of our main people in our lives are our people in every life. And so because I believe that, I’m like, 'Cool, OK, Mike is good.' We know Mike is good because we've gotten all of these signs. He's no longer hurting and in pain.

"And so I'll see him again. I know I'll see him again and we'll have many lives together. And so this is just this time period right now without him."

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