Kylie Minogue loves re-watching footage of herself winning a prestigious award when she was just 19.

Dannii and Kylie Minogue

Dannii and Kylie Minogue

The 48-year-old star picked up the coveted Gold Logie for her work as Charlene Mitchell in 'Neighbours' at the Logie Awards in 1988 and she and her younger sister Dannii Minogue - who was by her side when she scooped the honour - still enjoy sitting down and watching the ceremony time and time again.

Dannii, 45, told The Fix: "We still love watching that back, the whole moment.

"Because the night sort of becomes a whole blur...It's [nice] being able to watch bits of it back that we have on a VHS tape, you know, it's digitalised now."

The 'This Is It' singer still thinks her sister's victory was an "incredible moment", though she's not so convinced by her appearance on the big night.

She laughed: "I've got red hair, some of it's straight, some of it's curly, some of it's up. I still love a scrunchie!"

Kylie - who split from fiance Joshua Sasse earlier this year - previously admitted she likes to "have a good laugh" when she looks back at the outfit she wore when her 'Neighbours' alter ego married Jason Donovan's Scott Robinson in one of the soap's most iconic moments.

Asked if she'd ever take bridal inspiration from Charlene's old-fashioned lace gown and Gypsophila flowers in her hair, she said: "I don't think I'll be taking inspiration from Charlene's wedding dress, no, but that was of the time. And we all kind of have a good laugh about it now. Gosh, if anything, even though we still laugh about it the Gypsophila - in Australia we'd say the gip - I actually don't mind that in a weird way. If it was done properly, maybe that."