Lacey Chabert hasn't spoken to Lindsay Lohan "in forever."

Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert

The 37-year-old actress appeared alongside the flame-haired star in the hit comedy classic 'Mean Girls', in which she played Gretchen Wieners and Lindsay portrayed Cady Heron, back in 2004, but she has admitted they haven't seen or had a conversation with each other in a really long time.

Speaking on Fox 5's 'Good Day New York' on Thursday (10.10.19), Lacey said: "I haven't talked to her in forever. I hope she's doing awesome. I know she is. We were kid actors together in New York, so I've always loved Lindsay."

Although she doesn't speak to the 33-year-old actress anymore, Lacey is still in contact with some of the other cast members and their paths "continue to cross."

She explained when asked if she talks to any of her other co-stars: "We talk to each other on occasion. Our paths do continue to cross which is really nice."

Meanwhile, Lindsay recently revealed that she's begged Tina Fey - who wrote the movie - on numerous occasion to create a second instalment of the teen cult film.

And Lacey would love nothing more than a reunion with the likes of Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried but has heard nothing about a reboot from directors.

When asked if a reboot was in the works, she said: "I don't know. I wish I had an answer for you. I feel like you need to start a petition. Of course I would [star in it]. Gretchen is one of my favourite characters I've ever had the opportunity to play. I think to revisit where those women are in their lives now would be really fun."

Lindsay recently said she has left the idea in Tina's "hands" but she hopes something materialises soon as she is convinced it would be a huge hit with fans.