Lady Gaga has blamed social media bosses for letting their users bully others by spamming them with hurtful messages and believes sites like Twitter should be monitored in a better way.

In an interview with Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1, she said: "It's not something we can control. The only people who can control it are the companies that run these sites, and they're putting money into the promotion of the site and the platform - not into monitoring. If we were to monitor it better, it would be safer."

This comes after the 27-year-old star's own fans - who she calls her Little Monsters - have been accused of harassing others online - namely her chart rival Katy Perry, whose new song 'Roar' is outperforming Gaga's comeback single.

Fans also trolled showbiz blogger Perez Hilton after Gaga publicly accused him of stalking her when she discovered he was apartment hunting in her building.

Despite revealed she was constantly "teased for being ugly, having a big nose, being annoying" as a teen, the singer can't believe just how vicious and "abusive" some people can be.

She said: "You go on the internet and especially Twitter and the things I see really shock me. This is the age we live in - this faceless cyber-bullying.

"There's no accountability, there's no recourse. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech but there's a line that needs to be drawn when the language becomes abusive."

The full interview airs on Scott Mills' Radio 1 show between 1pm and 3pm on Thursday (22.08.13).

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