Laura Carmichael feels "lucky" to be dating a fellow actor.

Laura Carmichael

Laura Carmichael

The 'Downton Abbey' star is in a relationship with her co-star Michael Fox and though they try hard not to discuss their work too much at home, it's helpful that they can understand one another's careers.

She said: "I think we're lucky, and support and understand each other. It's tough, so to have someone who's got your back...

"It can be really beautiful when you're working together and chatting about stuff that's hard and they get it."

The 33-year-old star tries to "have a normal life and play extraordinary lives" and she's been able to live by that philosophy thanks to the example set by other members of the 'Downton' cast.

She told Stella magazine: "I feel like I've learnt that from a lot of Downton actors. Everyone prioritises their family and their friends and their home life. That's why, when they get to go and do incredible things, they're in a good place to work hard and be disciplined and be grateful."

Laura credits her two sisters, Amy and Olivia, for keeping her grounded and described her siblings as her "favourite people".

She added: "I'm seeing them tonight and I can't wait. We live near each other and all our partners are really good mates as well."

The 'Spanish Princess' star is much more confident than she was in her 20s and is grateful to have left that decade behind.

She said: "I'm really glad I'm not there any more. I'm lucky, I've worked with such brilliant people who have taught me things, but then also let me express myself and encouraged that.

"I've got it wrong a lot and will do again. It's OK to try and fail."

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