LeAnn Rimes feels excited to celebrate her 40th birthday.

LeAnn Rimes is celebrating a landmark birthday

LeAnn Rimes is celebrating a landmark birthday

The 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' hitmaker turns 40 on Sunday (28.08.22) and she's now looking forward to a new chapter in her life.

She shared: "We have three celebrations planned. I'm at that point where I'm seriously ready. I'm over my thirties. Let's get to 40!"

The Grammy-winning star feels she's "much wiser" than ever before.

LeAnn also insists she "wouldn't be 22 again" for any amount of money.

The singer - who shot to global stardom as a teenager - told PEOPLE: "As a child, I remember thinking 40 was so old. But now that I'm there, I feel like I have so much life under my belt. I'm much wiser. I wouldn't be 22 again if you paid me!"

LeAnn has included breath work and meditation as part of her self-care regime. And in recent years, she's become much more health-conscious.

She shared: "About six months ago, I started really focusing on taking care of myself. A big part of my life has been overriding my body because I've had to show up and be on all the time. I've had to care about what people think of me for so long. So not abandoning myself and what I need has been a big shift."

Meanwhile, LeAnn previously claimed that her "resilient" attitude has helped her to survive the challenges she's been through.

She explained: "The one thing about me is I have a lot of grit. And I have a lot of resilience. If I wasn't resilient, I wouldn't be here.

"I mean, there's been many times in my life that I could've easily chosen a different way out or just not come back from where I was. But I have such a fight."

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