Lenny Kravitz has praised Channing Tatum's "manners and class".

Lenny Kravitz approves of Channing Tatum

Lenny Kravitz approves of Channing Tatum

The 59-year-old singer's daughter Zoe Kravitz - who he has with former partner Lisa Bonet - is engaged to the 'Magic Mike' star but he already has his "own relationship" with the 43-year-old actor and they get on "really well".

In a clip from an upcoming interview on 'Sherri' obtained by People magazine, Lenny said of Channing: "He's a great guy. We got on really well. We have our own relationship, as well.

"We hang out, and we talk. He's a very soulful human being. He was raised well. He has manners and class."

Zoe, 35, introduced her dad to Channing early in their relationship and their rapport was "very natural".

The 'Fly Away' singer added: "Like I said, he's very sweet, and it works. Life is about timing and what you've gone through, what you've learned, and they're in the right place."

And Lenny will have a key role to play in the couple's wedding.

Asked if he will be doing "the whole father-of-the-bride speech," he replied: "Of course, that's my daughter."

However, the 'Road to Freedom' singer previously insisted he wouldn't be planning the speech before the big day because it was more important to him to speak "from the heart".

Asked if he was preparing his father-of-the-bride speech: "It just comes at the moment. I don't rehearse those things. From the heart."

Lenny previously admitted he felt "blessed" after Zoe and Channing got engaged.

Asked about their engagement, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Hey man, that's life. When your family is happy, when your child is happy, that's it - I've done well. Blessed.

Lenny turns 60 in May but insisted he doesn't think about his age and he feels "better" now than ever before.

He said: "For me, I don't think about numbers and time.

"I feel better than I ever have felt. Mentally, spiritually, physically... and so I'm glad I'm still here, man, let me tell you."