Katie Price wouldn't be Hugh Hefner's girlfriend because it would be like having sex with her grandad.

Katie Price turned down Hugh Hefner

Katie Price turned down Hugh Hefner

The 45-year-old former glamour model ticked off a career goal when she covered America's Playboy magazine in 2002 and though she spent a period of time living in the famous Playboy mansion, she shunned a request from the publication's founder - who died in 2017 aged 91 - to be one of his live-in lovers.

Discussing the magazine cover she most wanted to be on, she told The Guardian newspaper: “American Playboy. And I was. I think [I was paid] 250 grand.

"I lived in the mansion for about six weeks.

"Hugh Hefner wanted me to be his girlfriend but I wasn’t going to be having sex with him, so that was a no-no. It was like looking at my grandad.”

Katie - who has five children from previous relationships - admitted she was "treated as a product" in the early days of her career but it was still a "brilliant time" for her.

Asked if men were exploitative in the early days, she said: "Yes and no. They treated me as a product.

"Men aside, for me it was a brilliant time because you really had to work. You had goals. I wanted to be on the cover of this magazine or that. Where are the goals now?”

Meanwhile, the former 'Loose Women' star suggested she wasn't surprised by the allegations of sexual misconduct recently made against Russell Brand.

She said: “I’ve met Russell a few times. His bodyguard used to be mine.

“I thought he was quite a nice guy, actually, quite funny. We were stuck in LAX airport with him once. He had his girlfriend with him and I was with Pete [Andre, first husband].

"He was trying to pull my stylist when his girlfriend was out there standing with her, so to me that says a lot.

"The truth always comes out in the end.”