Lili Reinhart finds it "therapeutic" to share her acne struggles with her fans.

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart

The 22-year-old actress has been open about her battle with her skincare, and says discussing her break outs not only helps her fans realise they're not alone with their own skin nightmares, but also helps her own self-esteem.

She said: "I guess I got sick of feeling like I was the only one. When I have a breakout, I feel the urge to tell people, 'Yes, I know my skin is breaking out.' It's a way to help me feel better about when I express my frustration about it to other people. It's like, 'Yes, I'm aware my skin looks bad. Trust me, I know.' Acknowledging it gets it out of the way. Then we can move past it.

"I find it therapeutic sharing that with my fans because it made me feel like it was OK when I broke out. It also shows other people that it's OK to break out."

The 'Riverdale' star believes it's important for her to be honest about her acne in her position as an actress, because it helps people realise stars aren't always "perfect".

She added: "You're presented with movie stars and TV stars who have beautiful skin, and you don't see acne because it's unappealing, especially in 'Riverdale', where everyone looks perfect all the time. I definitely came on this show feeling like I had the worst skin and I felt very self-conscious about it."

But Lili is still faced with "negativity" in the comments of her social media posts because of her skin, and although she's "training" herself to move past it, it still affects her from time to time.

She told People magazine: "I do get negativity and awful comments. People criticize the relationship that I'm in [with boyfriend and co-star Cole Sprouse] and they say 'fire her stylist' if I'm wearing something that someone doesn't like. You could have 100 nice comments and one sour one, and you're going to remember the sour one because it offends you and insults you. But that is such a small fraction of what I'm seeing on my social media.

"I'm training myself to move past [the negativity] and focus on the good and the positive that people are sending me because there is so much more of that than there is negativity," she says. "It doesn't faze me at all anymore if someone says something s**t on my social media or tweets something nasty to me."