Lily James was "on her knees" and "didn't want to work again" after shooting 'Pam and Tommy'.

Lily James felt exhausted after shooting Pam and Tommy

Lily James felt exhausted after shooting Pam and Tommy

The 'Cinderella' actress played Pamela Anderson opposite Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee in the Hulu series which told the story of the former couple's notorious sex tape leak - and Lily has admitted she felt like she didn't want to take on any more actings roles after the shoot wrapped because she was so exhausted.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I was dead by the end. I was on my knees and I-never-wanna-work-again tired. But luckily, that didn’t last too long. So it was all part of the experience."

Lily revealed part of her tiredness came from spending four hours in the make-up chair every day transforming into Anderson before she started filming.

She said: "I would have loved to have counted the amount of days I spent in the make-up trailer. It probably was half the year ... I really had an amazing hair and makeup team. Honestly, it was like a long meditation before work. It was four hours, but I almost wouldn’t have been able to do the day without it. So, strangely, I was fine with it."

When asked how she passed her time during the hours in the make-up trailer, Lily explained: "I had a video reel of almost every interview Pamela Anderson has ever done, and so I learned them all by heart. I could parrot along. I also listened to ‘90s music to get myself in the zone."

She added: "I was grateful for that time. I needed it to find the character each day."