Lin-Manuel Miranda is suffering from shingles.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda

The 'Hamilton' star thought he was suffering from the "worst migraine" of his life, but after visiting a doctor, he's now "quarantined" away from his two-month-old son Francisco after learning he'd contracted the contagious virus.

He tweeted on Wednesday (04.04.18): "Damn. I've got the worst migraine of my life right now.

"Lemme get out of here, myrrh for my hot forehead, ow (sic)"

The following day, the 38-year-old star - who also has three-year-old Sebastian with wife Vanessa - retweeted his own post and commented: "Hey, cool story This isn't a migraine, it's shingles! Caught it early, quarantined away from the baby, in a Phantom mask til further notice (sic)"

The extensive checks Lin-Manuel experienced also caused him problems with his social media account.

He joked: "Ophthalmologist has blurred my eyes good

Watch for great typos on this rwitrer fded all day (sic)"

The 'Mary Poppins Returns' actor eventually decided to take a break from Twitter to rest after being urged by a fan.

Martha Southgate posted: "What will it take for you to get off here? I know this illness is painful yet dull and you love us and love chatting, but please rest your eyes if that's doc's orders. We'll live without you for a bit."

Lin-Manuel replied: "You are right Mothra. Love tou all off to bed (sic)"

But though he was in isolation away from his young family and social media interraction, Lin-Manuel wasn't left without entertainment as actress Emmy Rossum offered to sing with him.

She tweeted: "Available for duets while you have the mask anyway (sic)"

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