Lisa Moorish has revealed she has been a victim of sexual abuse.

Lisa Moorish

Lisa Moorish

The English singer/songwriter - who has 19-year-old daughter Molly with Liam Gallagher and teenage son Astile with The Libertines singer Pete Doherty - has bravely opened up on the assault she suffered as a child, and revealed she was also abused in her 20s.

After becoming involved in a Twitter conversation started by pop star Lily Allen about sexual assault and rape cases in the UK, Lisa posted about her own experiences.

Lisa tweeted: "Yes I have been abused. As an 8 year old by a neighbour, then as a teen, then in my twenties. And I've supported a csa victim awareness and fund raising campaign. (sic)"

Former Kill City singer Lisa was messaged by several followers praising her for her courage in sharing her story.

She replied: "Thanks, but I'm not brave! Just one of the many :) (sic)"

Lisa was asked by one Twitter user if she had ever got justice for her attacks, and revealed she has tried to find her childhood abuser.

In response, the musician tweeted: "None. I buried it for years, and only recently looked for my childhood abuser ... Thank you for kinds words x (sic)"

Lisa and Liam, 45, conceived Molly when he was married to actress Patsy Kensit and she was born in March 1998.

The 'Wall of Glass' singer previously revealed he made a decision to not have regular visits with Molly because his relationship with Lisa was not good.

The former Oasis frontman - who has sons Lennon, 18, and Gene, 16, with ex-wives Patsy Kensit and Nicole Appleton respectively and daughter Gemma from his fling with American journalist Liza Ghorbani - said: "As she was growing up, I thought it was the best way, instead of having me popping in and arguing with the woman. She (Molly) knows where I am and I'm there for her if she needs anything, like I have been since she was born, financially. I know it's not about that but it's better than nothing."

Lisa has never been shy about criticising Liam as a dad and has claimed that Pete, 38, has been a better parent to Molly than her biological father.

She previously said: "Pete's a very good father. He wasn't very hands-on when Astile was younger but now he's very involved. We do a lot of things together: long walks, trips to football, to the pub to play pool with the children. He is very much his father and Molly has a great relationship with him too. He told her, 'I'm your stepdad and there for you.' I love him for that. She feels security from him, which is nice as, emotionally, she doesn't get that from her own dad.

"Liam is there for Molly in so far as he helps support her and would be there for us if we needed him. But is he involved with her on a daily basis? Then the answer to that is no."

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