Lupita Nyong'o overcame her fear of cats to star in 'A Quiet Place: Day One'.

Lupita Nyong'o overcame her fear of cats

Lupita Nyong'o overcame her fear of cats

The 41-year-old actress has a feline companion throughout the psychological thriller film, and Lupita ultimately managed to overcome her fears in order to shoot the movie.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I had to get over my fear of cats to make this movie to begin with.

"I was very afraid of cats before I made this movie. It's actually why I hesitated about whether I would accept this role or not because of my fear of cats. I had to get over my fear of cats before I could start this movie. But they were they were spectacular."

Lupita also enjoyed the experience of working with Joseph Quinn, her on-screen co-star.

The actress shared: "We get along and it was quite easy. It surprised me how easy we got along.

"We took a lot of trust to make a film like this because there is no dialogue, so you have to be kinda in tune with each other, you have to listen, you have to be perceptive and really be able to pick up what the other person is putting down."

Lupita remembers the production as an "intimate experience".

The actress also heaped praise on her co-star, describing Joseph as an "open, generous, funny person".

The movie star shared: "I think making this film together was an intimate experience that we really enjoyed. And Joe is a very open, generous, funny person."

Meanwhile, Lupita previously admitted to being a huge fan of the 'Quiet Place' franchise.

During an appearance on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers', she said: "The first ones I watched at home in the daylight, where I could pause when I got too scared. But what I loved about them when I watched them - I really did regret not watching them in the cinema."

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