Madison Beer says social media "really messes" with her head.

Madison Beer

Madison Beer

The 'Dead' hitmaker has started to use the likes of Twitter and Instagram "more wisely" and avoids responding to negativity on the platform as much as possible.

She said: "Social media can really mess with your head, so I think I've just grown to use it more wisely. I try not to feed the people who speak of me negatively, because I truly don't have time in the day to respond to people like that."

The 19-year-old singer wants to be remembered for being "kind-hearted".

Asked what she'd like to be remembered for, she added to #legend magazine: "I think kind-hearted is one of the main things I want to be aligned with.

"No matter what mistakes I've made, what path I go down or what music I make, I want people to remember me and go, 'But damn, that girl had a good heart!'"

Meanwhile, Madison previously admitted she struggles with her "big ears".

She said: "The battle with social media is that influencers are portrayed as 'perfect' because their photos are perfect, but you don't know how many photos were taken or how many hours of editing they went through. I try to always show that that's not reality, and that's such a small fraction of who someone really is. I've definitely gained a lot of confidence in the past few years but, I'm still human and I doubt myself and I have my moments. I compare myself to people a lot, and that's something I've struggled with. The other day I was putting my hair up and I was like, 'Oh my god, my ears are so big!' And my friend was like, 'Do you even hear yourself?'"