Maggie Q has praised Uma Thurman as a "great kisser".

Maggie Q

Maggie Q

The 39-year-old actress "had a blast" shooting new comedy 'The Con Is On' with the 48-year-old star and she had no problem getting close to another woman on camera.

She said: "I look at everything in my job as -- just part of my job. [My] character is a Russian billionaire's wife who's gay. She does whatever she wants and nobody crosses her. So she has an extramarital affair with Uma [Thurman] -- who, by the way, is a great kisser."

Maggie - who is engaged to actor Dylan McDermott - found her character, killer Irina's sexuality to be "part of the fun" of the role, but admitted her and Uma's on-screen relationship was "purely sexual".

She told LaPalme Magazine: "It's purely sexual, not a lot of romance. Less 'Call Me By Your Name' and a lot more kitsch."

When it comes to her real-life relationships, Maggie feels "so blessed" to have such a great partner in the 'American Horror Story' actor, who she met when they worked together on TV series 'Stalker' in 2014.

She gushed: "You can't find a better guy in this business. We're so blessed.

"In Hollywood, relationships are so hard -- but in the end, when you find that right person, it's all worth it."

Dylan previously described Maggie as his "soulmate" and proposed to her after just seven weeks of dating.

He said: "She took my breath away. I knew immediately ... she's my soulmate."

The 56-year-old actor was previously married to Shiva Rose - the mother of his daughters Colette, 21 and Charlotte, 12 - and admitted in the past he "really struggled" after they split in 2008.

He said: "I really struggled. But the cool thing is if you trust life and open yourself up to good things, good things can happen.

"Once I tried to understand that life will always take care of me, Maggie stepped into my life."

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