Mandy Moore is celebrating her two year anniversary with boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith.

Taylor Goldsmith and Mandy Moore

Taylor Goldsmith and Mandy Moore

The 33-year-old actress took to Instagram on Wednesday (12.07.17) to share an adorable snap of the two stood side by side with smiles on their faces, as they celebrated their second anniversary as a couple.

Mandy simply captioned the snap: "The best 2 years. Never not smiling with you, T. (sic)"

The news comes after the 'This Is Us' star - who plays mother-of-three Rebecca Pearson in comedy drama - said she felt "totally ready to have kids" now that she's had practise on screen.

She said: "I didn't know how to change a diaper. I had crew members showing me how to change a diaper. I'm terrible, but yes it has sort of activated that maternal side of me that I'm totally ready to have kids now."

Despite being more comfortable with the idea of motherhood thanks to her role in the show, Mandy admits she still has "no experience" with children and finds it strange when she has to act with babies for flashback scenes.

Mandy - who was previously married to singer/songwriter Ryan Adams - added: "I mean, we get to hold these newborn children, and I can't believe their parents were willing to hand over their babies to me. I'm like, 'Hi, I'm Mandy. I have absolutely no experience with small children,' and they're like, 'Here's my two-week-old baby.' "

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty recently revealed she was excited to start the "next chapter" in her life by renovating her home.

She said: "I feel incredibly humbled and grateful by this next chapter of my life. I feel like, at 33, I've kinda earned it! I'm ready, I'm trying to own it, you know?"

And Mandy isn't just working on the house for herself either, as she admitted her musician boyfriend will be living with her "for sure".

She added: "Oh yeah, my guy and I, we live together for sure."

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