Margot Robbie thinks the sexual misconduct scandal has brought Hollywood together.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

The 'I, Tonya' actress has been shocked by the number of accusations that have rocked high-profile figures since a series of claims were first made against influential movie producer Harvey Weinstein last October, but she thinks there are "positive" things to have come out of the situation.

She explained to OK! magazine: "I think everyone was shocked to learn the extent of this problem and to see just how far it reached every corner of the industry.

"But I think the positive thing that's come out of it is how much everyone has come together.

"There's a sense of community that I haven't felt before."

The 27-year-old star - who is married to director Tom Ackerley - hasn't been offered a role with anyone who has been accused of inappropriate behaviour.

But Margot has admitted she would think twice about pressing on with a project if that was the case.

She said: "I haven't yet come across a moment in my career where I've felt ethically conflicted about the person I was working with.

"Perhaps new information would make me stop and feel conflicted about that."

Margot considers herself a feminist and admitted she would be very "surprised" if anyone else in her life didn't share the same values.

The Australian star also outlined her own definition of the contentious term.

Asked if she thinks of herself as a feminist, she said: "Yes, I'd be surprised if anyone close to me wasn't a feminist actually. Men and women.

"Because the definition I go by of what is a feminist is any person who believes in gender equality."

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