Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull says the best night of her life was the one she spent cheating on Sir Mick Jagger with his Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards.

The 67 year old singer dated Mick for four years between 1966 to 1970 but during the relationship she had sex with Keith behind his back and she admits it was one of the most memorable experiences she ever had.

When asked to describe the best night of her life, she said: "The night I spent with Keith. Even now, it stands out. I think it was so great and memorable because it was just one night. That was it. And we're still great friends."

Marianne, who releases her new 'Give My Love To London' is out on September 29, also spoke about how proud she is to have been able to free herself of her "straitjacket" of being Mick's girlfriend.

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday's Event magazine, she said: "I got myself out of that straitjacket I was in during the 60s. It's not 'Marianne from the 60s,' or, 'the ex-girlfriend of Mick Jagger' anymore, and I think that's a great achievement. It took a long time, in fact it's only really just started, but thank God. It makes life much easier."

Keith previously revealed he was determined to make love to Marianne in revenge for Mick, 71, sleeping with his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg.

The cheating pair were almost caught by Mick in bed together, but the quick-thinking guitarist made his escape just in time but had to leave his socks behind, something that has become a running joke between Keith and Marianne for years.

Keith, 70, famously infuriated his bandmate when he wrote in his autobiography 'Life' - released in 2010 - that Marianne had "no fun" with Mick in bed because the frontman has a "tiny todger".

Following Keith's claim, Marianne was later asked whether the guitarist's comments about Mick's manhood were true, prompting her to reply: "Not quite, but nearly."

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