Mark Hamill has branded Russia an "evil empire".

Mark Hamill is supporting Ukraine

Mark Hamill is supporting Ukraine

The 'Star Wars' actor has become an ambassador for United24, the official fundraising arm of the Ukrainian government amidst its war with the neighbouring country, joining the likes of Barbra Streisand, Leiv Schreiber and Imagine Dragons in raising awareness.

Organisers said Mark agreed to participate in United24's 'Army of Drones' project, which is designed to raise funds for drone procurement, repair and training.

To date, Ukraine has received 986 unmanned aerial vehicles, totalling around $51.8 million.

Mark said in a statement: “I know for certain that Ukrainians need drones to protect their land, their freedom and the values of the entire democratic world. Right now is the best time for everyone to come together and help Ukraine stand up in this war with the evil empire.”

The 71-year-old actor recently spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky about the United24 initiative, which raised over $180 million across 110 countries during its first four months of operation.

Mark shared a photo of himself speaking to the president via video call and tweeted: "Honored to be an Ambassador for the Army of Drones and to help President Zelenskyy and the people of Ukraine in any way possible @ZelenskyyUA @U24_gov_ua (sic)"

Earlier this month, veteran performer Barbra - whose grandparents emigrated to the UK from Ukraine - became an ambassador for United24 and donated $24,000 to 24,000 Friends of Ukraine, which asks for $24 monthly subscriptions to help doctors plan the procurement of medical supplies on the frontline of the war, with the goal to sign up 24,000 subscribers to raise over $500,000 per month.

She told the president: “Coming from my Jewish heritage with Ukrainian roots, I feel especially moved by [Ukrainian’s fight for freedom].

“The capability and courage of the Ukrainian people is an inspiration for all those worldwide who promote democracy and fight authoritarianism. You and the Ukrainian people have my full support.”