Mark Ronson would trade his success to have children of his own.

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

The 44-year-old producer - who is currently single after splitting from Rebecca Schwartz earlier this year - admitted working in the recording studio "fills a void" inside him as he can form close relationships with his collaborators but would willingly swap that if it meant he could have a family.

He told Radio Times magazine: "I've never thought that [work] was a replacement for having a family of my own, but I definitely think it fills some of that void more than if I was going to an office.

"I do have these warm relationships that maybe [satisfy] part of my soul that needs fulfilling. But believe me, I'd trade it in for kids."

The 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker - whose five-year marriage to Joséphine de La Baume ended in 2017 - previously admitted his latest record, 'Late Night Feelings', was inspired by his divorce as he was able to channel his sadness into the record.

He said: "It's a break-up album. Every time I went to the studio I'd throw out ideas and some were light-hearted things but the ones staying with me all had melancholy.

"You really have to go through something kind of f***-up to make good art sometimes ... it's not necessarily always how I've operated.

"I think the idea of being a little bit rocked out of your comfort zone is a good thing."

And Mark recently quipped he'll make a similar album if he gets dumped again.

Asked if he will "remain in this mindset" for future records, he said: "I think every record is always kind of hard to imagine where you're going to be ... it's a different time [unless] I get dumped between this and the next album.

"The good thing about in-between my records, I end up producing a bunch of records for other people and those things always kind of shape you, so probably working with Lady Gaga, Josh Homme, and some people who are very honest in their own thing was a good nudge in that direction for me, as well as what I was going through."

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