Martin Kemp feels "lucky" to still be married.

Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp

The Spandau Ballet star has been wed to spouse Shirlie - with whom he has children Harley Moon, 27, and Roman, 23 - since 1988 and credits their strong union to the fact they always put their "friendship" before anything else.

He said: "My wife and I love each other as much today as we did in 1982.

"I found someone I love and I'm lucky to still be with her. I always think there are certain things you would never do to hurt your best friend if he was another bloke, so why would you do it to your wife?

"If you look after the friendship, love will follow."

Martin is also very close to his brother and bandmate Gary Kemp and though they occasionally row, their disagreements don't last long.

He said: "Gary and I have been working together all our adult lives.

"I love the fact I get to spend so much time with him and I'm not sure there's any other job, except being in another band together where we'd get to do that.

"We've had our quarrels but they're soon forgotten."

The 55-year-old star is so close to his 57-year-old brother, he didn't speak as a child until he was two-and-a-half because his sibling used to answer on his behalf.

He told Woman magazine: "I didn't speak until quite late. My mum tells me I was two-and-a-half when I started talking because Gary was doing it for me.

"When I wanted something I just pointed to it and Gary would get it for me or he'd go, 'Martin wants this.' "