Matt Bomer has bought all the tickets to a screening of 'Love, Simon' at a movie theatre so locals can enjoy the film for free.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

The 40-year-old actor took to his Instagram to encourage people in Spring, Texas, to go and watch Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel's latest motion picture free of charge this Sunday (25.03.18) after he and his husband Simon Halls purchased numerous tickets.

He wrote: "Please come see @lovesimonmovie in my hometown of Spring, TX for free! @halls.simon and I bought out the whole screening for you. This is an important movie, and a really good one. I know you'll love it so come watch for free this Sunday! #loveislove #hometown #springtx #lovesimon (sic)"

The film is a coming-of-age love story about teenage boy Simon Spier - played by Nick Robinson - who has to deal with a blackmailer threatening to out him to his whole school.

Matt grew up in a conservative Christian household in Texas and admitted he "created a character" in order to "survive" in his early years, signing up for the school football team as well as the play so he wouldn't be targeted for being homosexual, and he kept the ruse going for years.

He previously said: "I created a character in order to survive.

"I used to work on a gas pipeline with my brother and I'm certain some of the people I worked with were ex-convicts. I had to learn how to protect myself in those environments."

While his parents didn't speak to him six months after he came out as gay, Matt was pleasantly surprised by his grandparents' reaction.

He said: "You know who was coolest about it? My grandparents. They gave zero f***s. My grandma blows my mind. To me, she exemplifies what a loving, accepting Christian is."

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