Matt Bomer's husband is "anesthetised" to his sex scenes.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

The 37-year-old actor insists his partner Simon Halls - with whom he has sons Walker, Kit and Henry - doesn't get jealous when he gets intimate on screen because he knows it is just "part of the job".

He said: "There's been a lot of that sort of scene work for me over the years in one form or another, so I think we're all pretty much sort of anesthetised to that.

"It's part of the job. It's part of the character's reality and who they are and their circumstances. That's what you show up and do. It's just a day at the office sometimes when you're an actor."

In the new series of 'American Horror Story: Hotel', Matt stars with Lady Gaga, and admitted he is an even "bigger fan" of the singer than he was before they started shooting.

He told People magazine: "Once we met and we hung out and she had us over to her house where she was so approachable and relatable, it made it so much easier to work together.

"By the time we got to set we could drop the mythos of 'Lady Gaga' and approach each others as actors. She's a brilliant actress. She's so fun to work with.

"I was a big fan coming in and I'm an even bigger fan as a human being and actress coming out of it."

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