Max George has been sober for 18 months.

Max George on going sober before The Wanted tour

Max George on going sober before The Wanted tour

The 33-year-old popstar - who shot to fame as a member of The Wanted back in 2009 - admitted that while he is now "bored" at the weekends, his abstinence from alcohol has made it "easier to keep fit."

He said: "I haven’t drank in 18 months, everyone says ‘I bet you feel well better don’t you?’ No, I just feel really bored at weekends! Just grim as usual through the week. It has been good, it’s easier to keep fit… so yeah everything’s pretty clear now."

The 'Glad You Came' hitmaker - who has reunited with bandmates Jay McGuiness, 31, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker, both 33, and Nathan Sykes, 28, for an arena tour to celebrate their greatest hits - also spoke about how quitting booze made it easier for him to pass his driving test after six failed attempts but admitted that his skills on the road may not be quite up to scratch just yet.

Speaking to Fleur East on the Hits Radio Breakfast show, he said: "I passed my driving test which is good, only took 32 years and seven tests! All my test always came on Mondays, so I always felt awful [after the weekend], but I passed on a Thursday morning!

"I crashed into the front door of my vets. I was taking my dog to the vet, and the one space available… I thought oh no that’s tight. I was concentrating so much on the sides of my car that I didn’t look forward, I went into the front door of my vets!"

Max also claimed that he and his bandmates are looking "better than ever" as they hit road for the first time in almost a decade.

He said: "It’s our first tour in eight years and we are genuinely pushing it to make this the best we’ve ever done; our rehearsals are twice as long as usual, and we are better looking than we’ve ever been!"

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