Mel B vowed she would never marry again following her split from Stephen Belafonte.

Mel B is engaged to Rory McPhee

Mel B is engaged to Rory McPhee

The 48-year-old pop star split from the film producer in acrimonious circumstances in 2017, and Mel didn't think she would tie the knot again - until she met Rory McPhee.

Mel - who announced her engagement to Rory in 2022 - told PEOPLE: "I was like, ‘I'm never going to get married again. Never, never, never. I'm never having a relationship. I'm fine by myself. I want to raise my kids, put my head down and work, and that's it'. And then … never can say never, can you?"

The loved-up duo have been family friends for years.

But Mel grew closer to Rory - who is a hair stylist - after she relocated from the US to the UK following her split from Stephen.

The singer - who was also married to Jimmy Gulzar between 1998 and 2000 - shared: "He was just there patiently waiting, always there to give me a hair treatment, always there to talk. He’s a great listener. And he just became more and more of a friend, and more and more important in my life.

"It’d been a long time that anybody was that kind to me."

Despite her previous heartbreaks, Mel still believes in love and she's now looking forward to tying the knot for a third time.

The pop star - who shot to fame in the 90s as part of the Spice Girls - said: "I believe in love, and clearly the other two marriages turned out to be not love, from their angle.

"So I feel like I've really missed out, and now I've got this opportunity to be properly in love with a really good guy who I know loves me for me, who's known me before I was a Spice Girl, why wouldn't I do that?"