Michael Bublé hailed Prince Harry a "visionary" as he performed a reworked version of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' in honour of the royal.

Michael Buble sang for Prince Harry

Michael Buble sang for Prince Harry

The 48-year-old singer performed at the One Year to Go Dinner at Vancouver Convention Center on Friday (16.02.24) and he had a special dedication for the Invictus Games founder, with his changed lyrics also including a message for Harry's cancer-stricken father, King Charles.

According to People magazine, as Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, looked on, Michael sang: “Nothing tames, Invictus Games, you play them your way/ One man, life-changing plan, he does all he can, he’s a visionary/ Our healing wishes for your dad/ You’ve earned each day, the right to say, I did it my way.”

The evening before, Harry, Meghan, Michael and his wife Luisana Lopilato enjoyed a "fun" double date at Vij's restaurant in the city.

Chef Vij told People magazine: "They were extremely friendly and nice.

"They came and spoke to the kitchen staff, they were very respectful to let me choose the meal as the chef," he explains. "I said I was going to put something together for them. I asked them if there were any allergies or any things that she didn't feel like having, and Meghan said, 'I love spicy food.' "

The group enjoyed "three or four appetisers" made "using local produce ... obviously with some Indian spices."

The chef added: "Michael Bublé loved the mushrooms, for example, and Harry loved the kebabs. I got them some market chard that [Meghan] loved...

"[I made] a lamb popsicle, which is like a rack of lamb and with marinated mustard and sweet white wine in a fenugreek cream curry."

The chef had previously served the lamb dish to Harry's brother, Prince William and his wife Catherine, Princess of Wales, when they visited Canada in 2016.

He added: "It was a very big deal for me to say, 'Hey, this is what your brother loved, and I think you should try this dish.' "

Harry "loved" the meal, while Meghan tried the goat and asked for extra chilli to make her food hotter,

The chef added: "They were extremely affectionate towards each other.

"[Meghan] always had her left hand on his back ... and always said very politely 'my husband or 'Oh, he loves this dish,' or 'He loves this curry or this style.'

"You could see the positivity in their relationship, the love, the affection that they have. The fun that they were having with Michael and Michael Bublé’s wife Lu...

"The most beautiful part was that even the diners knew that they were sitting there and having dinner, and nobody bothered them. It was just a beautiful, magical evening for all of us. I cannot thank them enough for coming.

"We loved it, and overall it was a beautiful evening."

Before the group left, the group toured the kitchen to meet with staff and happily posed for photographs.

Vij gave the royal couple some gifts before they left.

He said: "I gave them our Vij's cookbook at the end, signed to them, and I gave Harry a little bottle of the Vij's gin 'cause he liked the gin and tonic a lot."